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    Moto Speeds is the leading manufacturer of motorcycle racing leathers, and custom made suits. We are using the latest technology in the manufacturing of the products to fulfil the required standards for road racing. We have thousands of satisfied customers around the globe. Our custom made Motorcycle Racing Leathers with the premium quality product make us separate from others. We are providing our products and services for the last ten years. You can also get the matching gear, matching glove and matching boots, with your leather motorcycle racing suits. Our products are safe and secure, which helps the rider to achieve his goals without any fear.

    No compromise on safety
    Our products are famous worldwide for their safety and comfortability. We aim to provide the highest race-level protection to our customers. The Moto speeds production team is strictly following the manufacturing policy. Our products are CE Certified® approved. Our products should be reviewed by experts and practically passed by the manufacturing unit. Our products are stitched with double and triple nylon thread.

    Products safety features.
    Internal protection on shoulder, elbow, and knee are CE certified.

    An additional layer of leather stitched on shoulders, elbows, knees, and hips for extra protection from crash and drag.

    The foam padding on the elbow and knee decrease the crash impact, which helps riders in accidental cases.

    Safety seems dual stitch and triple stitched on most critical places.

    Detachable knee sliders.

    Comfort Specialties
    Suits made with a stretchable leather.

    Unique fitting helps to move smoothly.

    360-degree full arm gusset providing full floating sleeves and unrestricted movement.

    Seamless thermoformed flexible inserts.

    Technically managed aerodynamic race hump.

    TPU reinforced Titanium armor on the shoulder, elbow, and knee.

    Design features
    Professional race fit.

    Pre-curved race track design.

    We have handcrafted air vent leather panels.

    Screen printed graphics for the stunning look.

    Custom Made Services
    Custom made takes you to the next levels of creativity and innovation to nourish your individuality. Moto Speeds modernization and craftsmanship at your assistance, freeing your experience and creativity to design what you’ve always wanted for your biking passion. With our custom-made services, you can choose or create every inch following your desire.

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